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(A) License fees, as by resolution of the City Council, shall be paid for each dog three months of age and older that is kept, possessed, harbored or maintained within the boundaries of the City for at least 30 days of each calendar year. The amount of fees may differentiate between sterilized and unsterilized dogs. Said resolution may provide for penalties for any delinquency in payment of required license fees.

(B) Durable dog tags shall be provided by the City. Each dog licensed under the terms of this chapter shall receive, at the time of licensing, such a tag on which shall be inscribed the name of the City, the number of the license and the year of issue. All dog tags shall expire as provided by Council resolution. The tag shall be attached to a collar or harness that shall be worn by the dog while on public premises at all times, except as otherwise provided in this chapter. Whenever a dog tag is lost, a duplicate shall be issued upon application by the owner and a replacement fee, as established by resolution of the City Council, shall be charged.

(C) The enforcement officer may apprehend and impound any dog found without a current valid license tag. (Ord. 442 § 2, passed 6-28-2023; Ord. 445 § 2, passed 9-25-2023.)