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(A) All dogs kept, harbored or maintained in the City must be licensed if over three months of age. Dog licenses shall be issued by the City or its designated agents upon payment of license fees as prescribed in SLCC 6.05.032. Duration and expiration of licenses shall be determined by Council resolution. The owner shall state, at the time application is made for such license, his name and address, his telephone number, the name, breed, color and sex of each dog and cat owned or kept by him.

(B) If the license is not obtained by the owner prior to the expiration date of the license, or within 30 days of the date of first possession of any dog, or of its becoming three months old, or within 30 days from the arrival of the dog in the City, the license payment shall be deemed delinquent and a penalty as provided in the fee schedule established pursuant to SLCC 6.05.032 shall be paid.

(C) A guide dog belonging to a blind person or to any bona fide nonprofit organization which is in the business of breeding, raising or training dogs that are to be used for guiding the blind shall not be required to pay a license fee. A dog belonging to a law enforcement agency shall not be required to pay a license fee.

(D) Each dog licensed under the terms of this chapter shall receive, at the time of licensing, a tag on which shall be inscribed the name of the City, the number of license and the date in which it expires.

(E) Any person who knowingly fails within 15 days after written notification from the animal control officer to obtain a license for an animal required to be licensed, or counterfeits an official animal license or removes the license from the animal for the purpose of intentional and malicious mischief or places an animal license upon an animal unless the license was issued for that particular animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor as punishable by the SLCC 6.05.990. With respect to violations of this chapter which are continuous with respect to time, each day the violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.

(F) Whenever the ownership of a dog has been changed, the new owner shall secure a transfer of license to the owner.

(G) Dogs, while being used for hunting or dogs while being exhibited at shows or dogs while engaged in races approved by the Arizona Racing Commission and dogs while being transported to and from such events, need not have the license tag affixed to the animal; provided, that the animals are properly vaccinated and licensed. The owner, handler or agent for owner shall be in physical possession of animal’s license.

(H) Any animal subject to licensing under this chapter found not to be wearing a license shall be deemed unowned. (Ord. 442 § 2, passed 6-28-2023; Ord. 445 § 2, passed 9-25-2023.)